Terms of Booking

  1. Once your booking is confirmed, we will call you to inform the vehicle number and driver’s handphone contact.
  2. If a vehicle is unavailable for your booking, a full refund will be given to you.
  3. Where additional charges are payable, for example, the $5 Far Distance or $5 Festival surcharges, you may pay in cash once you board the taxi at the start of your trip.
    Alternatively, you may opt to pay online here

    $5 Far Distance surcharge for the following areas

      1. trips originating from OR ending at the Jurong Bird Park
      2. trips originating from OR ending at the Singapore Zoological Gardens
      3. trips originating from OR ending at Tuas
      4. trips originating from Woodlands areas AND ending at Jurong areas
      5. trips originating from Jurong areas AND ending at Woodlands area


    $5 Festival surcharge for the following occasions

      1. Chinese New Year (Eve, 1st & 2nd day)
      2. Singapore Aerospace Air Show
      3. Formula One Championship
  4. Midnight Charge – There is a midnight charge of $25 ( between 11pm to 7am )
  5. Additional Stop – There is a fee of $25 for each additional stop during the journey.
  6. Waiting Time – There is a charge of $xx for every 15minutes of waiting time.